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Lofoten øver fjells - Jämnfint
Lofoten øver fjells - Jämnfint

Normalt när man ska på långtur med fler än en hund så är det ju absolut lättast om man går en rundtur och kommer tillbaka till bilen. Det andra vettiga alternativet är att be en snäll vän vara logistikchef och köra till punkt A och hämta på punkt B efter avslutad tur. Vi tänkte resa kommunalt med tre hundar till starten på turen. Båt, buss och tre hundar. 10 timmar restid. Enkelt.

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Alaska, Vildmark, vapen & whiskey
Alaska, Vildmark, vapen & whiskey
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I prefer slow mornings, spent in a sleeping bag, sipping on a strong cup of coffee

…especially when I’m working


I am a commercial photographer whose passion lies in all things natural and raw. With a documentary style, I focus on the emotion and the finer details, regardless if I’m shooting landscapes, products, or portraits. 

My goal is to help you strengthen your ideas and concepts, with kickass visual content. My images will provide your company and brand with a unique style, offering you a stronger connection with your targeted market. 


Do you dream about sleeping out in the Northern Scandinavian wilderness, in a tent under the stars? What about adventuring on a multi-day expedition, custom designed to fit your dreams and desires? Contact me today, and let me help you cross off some of your bucket list items!

If you’re a tour operator and need an experienced guide to strengthen your team, please let me know. I have many years of experience in guiding both with dog sled teams and on foot through all four seasons.

Social Media

In today’s digital corporate world, a strong social media presence can sometimes be more important than the website itself. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the time to be active across multiple social platforms.

With that in mind, I can help you and your brand in a number of ways: with short Instagram takeovers, by creating attractive events / campaigns, or develop a long-term partnership, creating relevant content for all your various channels.


Communities are built on satisfied customers, and when a guest leaves with a memory they will never forget, a new ambassador is automatically born.

I can help you develop your concept, and find solutions to fine tune your current offerings, helping you create products that will build ambassadors, and create unforgettable campaigns, for any region.

Stefan Bellika

Founder & CEO

I perform my best when I’m able to be spontaneous and only let my instinct guide me. It’s not easy to put a title to what I do. Some might lazily say I’m a ‘Jack of all trades,’ but I prefer to call it following an array of passions; passions that bring me happiness, which in turn clearly reflects in the work I do. To me, that is cutting-edge expertise.

I grew up in the beautiful woodlands of northern Sweden. My love for the outdoors was rooted at an early age as I was always hiking unknown trails, fishing for hours, and building numerous campfires. I remain humble, and only chase my own curiosity. I am not looking for the highest point, furthest destination, or first expedition. I am here for the journey and the feeling I am left with. 

May it be together with 14 huskies across vast mountain landscapes, or cramped in a garage space with a fun and interesting welder, theres always a story to tell. I want to hear that story, and make a picture of that story.

I´m currently located in Alta, northern Norway. This is where I dry my tent, and this is where I collect stories.


Follow our adventures in color.

The Pack.

Constantly up to no good, yet undoubtedly my biggest source of inspiration.

The brains | Alaskan Husky
The princess | Sibirian Husky
The engine | Alaskan Husky
Råvatj X
The Entertainer